Cuteness Overload: Meet Our Pets!

    Within The TLK Group, we may all believe that our pet is the cutest. Occasionally this becomes a competition. This time, however, we figured we might as well showcase the adorable animals in our lives and agree that each and every one is special in its own right. Scroll down to see cute faces that are bound to brighten your day:

    Maverick, Blake’s beautiful purebred German Shepherd, is every bit as affectionate and intelligent as he looks.


    Nicknamed “Miss Congeniality” by owner Heidi, Gracie is a lover, not a fighter.


    A cherished part of the Ruffner family, Hendrix pays homage to the legendary guitarist and singer.


    Jasmine is Ryan’s talkative, 13-pound cat who loves to snuggle and eat freeze-dried chicken treats.


    Winston, of the Bertrand family, is a snow-loving, floppy-eared Basset hound who loves his parents dearly.


    Blue is the perfect addition to the Kendrot household – even though he’s only four, he’s as sassy as they come.


    Cooper, loyal to the Mauldwin house, loves lounging on anything that provides him warmth – whether that’s a lap or a floor heater.


    Ashe is the perfect cuddle companion for Nick – she loves chowing down and hiding under the blankets.


    Oscar may be a clever dog, but he didn’t quite graduate from the University or Oregon like his father Isaac.


    The Kelly family values loyalty, which is why the sweet and loving Balvenie is named after Tony’s favorite scotch.


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